Benefits of Structured Data for Today and Tomorrow

Planning to Add Structured Data in your Website? Great idea!

If you are planning to add Structure data in your website, you are definitely doing well for your website. Today I am sharing my experience with you, How to add Structure data in my website and increase website traffic.

So, first make sure you understand how important is schema markup?

Increase Business Results Using Schema Markup

  • 40% more impressions
  • 30% more clicks
  • 25% higher CTR
  • 140% more time spent on pages with rich results
  • Users being 5% more interactive with their content

Example โ€“ If you type keyword (online company registration in India) in search engine then you see structure data example.

Job Schema

FAQ Structured Data

Que- Structured Data is ranking factor or not?

Ans- Some would say, no but according to my experience 9 positions higher rank in search engine page.

Que- What is structured data for SEO?

Ans- Structured data is a format to mark up the data about the web page. It define to search engines to better understand what the web page is all about.

Que- How to Add Structure Data in Website?

Ans- Follow below Steps

  • Go to Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD)
  • Next select the type of data that you plan to markup
  • Next Continue adding markup items according to your business
  • Now Create the HTML
  • Finally add this code to your website

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