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Anyone can upgrade their online marketing skills by attending DigiNeera’s live classroom training and earning one of the most valuable certifications in the industry.

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Industry Recognized Course Content:

  • Marketing Fundamentals.
  • Content Strategy.
  • Social Media Marketing (Organic)
  • Social Media Advertising (Paid)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing with AdWords (SEM)
  • Display Advertising.
  • Ahrefs SEO Tool
  • Google Analytics and Metrics
  • Google Search Console

Curriculum of our Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon

Online marketing is a rapidly changing industry. Solutions quickly become outdated due to changes in the technology and tactics employed. To keep up with the dynamics of online marketing, you need to be informed about the latest tools, trends and technologies.

Therefore, taking the latest courses is essential to learning online marketing. But more importantly, have a strong curriculum that covers all aspects of online marketing. Not only that, it must be based on the use of cutting-edge technology that is relevant to the industry. In addition, you need to focus on learning.

When designing the Gurgaon online marketing training curriculum, we focus on all of these precisely. We focus on multi-faceted development of the skills of an aspiring online marketing consultant in Gurugram. Our curriculum is self-sustaining and ensures that our learners have full knowledge of various online marketing channels. Detailed thoughts on each channel’s strategy are also taught to broaden the horizons of the learner.

We have 10 different online marketing modules that guarantee you a complete and complete understanding of online marketing. The average completion time for each module is one week.

Our online training provides you with a strong foundation of online marketing knowledge and challenges and tasks ensure that you do everything you actually learn.

Why do I need to take a digital marketing course in Gurgaon?

Online marketing is a thriving industry, placing great demands on Online marketing professionals. According to a Times of India survey, online advertisers are expected to increase spending by 45% in 2020. Another report from entrepreneurs shows that online marketing is growing 45-45% every year.

Since 2019, DigiNeeraj has trained 1k+ entrepreneurs, professionals, and students through its Online Marketing Training Programs in all over India.

Why do Professionals Take DigiNeeraj’s Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon?

  • Marketing Professionals: Up-skilling
  • Professionals in other Roles: Freelancing, Up-skilling, Career Shift
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: Manage Agency & Promote Business
  • Online Marketing Professionals: Career Growth
  • Students & Freshers: Freelancing & Job

What will you learn in Online Marketing Course?

Acquiring higher education in online marketing course in Gurgaon from DigiNeeraj will help your Online Marketing Carrer to boost along with expert knowledge in following areas—

  • Web planning & creation for websites implementation
  • Email Marketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest Marketing and Video Marketing
  • Lead Generation, Google Analytics and Google Ads to enhance client’s ranking on Google Search Engine
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Reputation Management (ORM), and Affiliate Marketing
  • E-commerce, Website Content and Mobile Marketing to drive user engagement capabilities of an online business
  • Blogging, Google Adsense, and in-depth freelance operational knowledge to hold a strong career as a online marketing freelancer

📢 FAQ Online Marketing Course in Gurgaon (Digital Marketing Near Me)

Q- What are jobs in Online Marketing?

There are many different types of jobs available for internet marketing, including SEO executives, online marketing directors, internet marketing specialists, online sales executives, SEO heads and content marketers. In addition, social media managers, executives are involved in the process of selling products/services through social media channels.

Q-How can I learn Online Marketing?

Seems to be keen on online marketing. There are many websites suitable for learning digital marketing, including insights from Moz, Searchengineland, Neil Patel, and DigiNeeraj’s Advance Online Marketing Courses. You can also take a online marketing course from to learn virtual classes, classrooms, boot camps and more.

Q-What are the courses for online marketing?

There are many online marketing courses to learn about online marketing. Join DigiNeeraj Online courses to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads and SEM, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and more.

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