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DigiNeeraj Legal Services provides the best divorce Lawyer/Advocate in Delhi, you can directly contact our legal counsel team.

We have a legal team of dedicated Lawyer/Advocate to help you complete a divorce proceeding in a hassle-free manner.

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We Help you in the Following Legal Matters:

All aspects of your case are treated carefully to ensure your satisfaction in the end. We are on the lookout for marriage issues, child custody, adoption, graduates, and maintenance laws. Our work areas are:

  • ✅ Divorce filing
  • ✅ Divorce lawyers for men
  • ✅ Domestic disturbance
  • ✅ Adultery Petition
  • ✅ Alimony
  • ✅ Triple Talaq
  • ✅ Custody of children
  • ✅ Separation from spouse
  • ✅ Divore settlement
  • ✅ Mutual Consent Divorce
  • ✅ Draft Divorce Petition
  • ✅ NRI Divorce
  • ✅ Adoption
  • ✅ consent divorce
  • ✅ Cruelty in marriage
  • ✅ Divorce advice
  • ✅ Maintenance of wife

All members of our company have years of experience and expertise in their work-a niche. We also have a reputation as a top Lawyer/Advocate in Delhi and in order to maintain our fame, we will do our best to live up to your expectations.

No matter how old or multifaceted your case is, we are known to lead complex cases to success. Therefore, if you wish for prompt justice in your case and seek divorce with the consent of both parties, you can contact our legal officer by visiting the DigiNeeraj Divorce law firm in Delhi.

Hiring an experienced Divorce Lawyer/Advocate is the best way to reassure you when dealing with marriage cases, child custody, dependents, and mutual divorce or disputed divorce proceedings.

Use DigiNeeraj Legal Services to consult with leading divorce lawyers on marriage issues in Delhi, allegations of mutual divorce, disputed divorce, domestic violence (DV), dependent allowances, provisional maintenance, 125 CrPC, Dowry harassment u / s 498a, file or defend a woman’s cell complaint or other related matter.

We strive to provide justice in all cases, regardless of gender, religion or caste. DigiNeeraj Legal Services is free from all hidden changes, intermediaries, and other unethical means. We only work on facts and evidence so that the right people can get justice.

Steps Required to Divorce and Apply for Divorce:

  • You need to draft a divorce petition on the main criteria that must include the reason for the divorce, details or marriage, and details of the agreement and settlement.
  • The person applying for divorce is known as the petitioner. After submitting the petition, a divorce notice will be sent to the other party.
  • Both parties are instructed to participate in the mediation services provided by the court, which is essentially a court settlement effort.
  • The family court conducts mediation sessions for the couple. If the problem is resolved there, both parties can leave the case. However, if the settlement effort fails, the family court will handle the procedure.
  • Other than the petitioner, you will be required to make a written statement that can act as a defense.
  • The petitioner is required to submit a refusal / reply to the statement from the other party.
  • At this point, the court decides on interim maintenance or other relevant matters.
  • Currently, the focus of the case is determined by the court based on the evidence and statements provided by both parties.
  • The petitioner is instructed to provide evidence, witnesses and documents for a given statement.
  • The other party is also invited to provide relevant documents, evidence of defense, or witnesses to support a given statement.
  • Once the divorce issue has been deciphered by the court, a final discussion and debate on the case will take place in the presence of the judiciary.
  • The court now has the authority to allow divorce or deny the case on the grounds of evidence and documentation.

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Scope of services provided by Delhi lawyers:

To meet the requirements and needs of our clients, we keep our list of services up-to-date. Below are the benefits you can get from our law firm:

DigiNeeraj Divorce Specialist Lawyers in Delhi: Best Divorce Lawyers

We have a network of top divorce Lawyers/Advocate in Delhi and have a very high success rate. Our professionals have the experience of dealing with complex cases and untying the truth. Whether you are looking for a divorce lawyer for men or a woman seeking a divorce due to marriage turmoil, we give you ears, shoulders, and most importantly, practical Provides effective legal advice.

Divorce and Digital Evidence Discovery:

We are experts in all cases in the “Family Law” section. In addition, our professionals are digital media professionals who can deal with common difficulties during divorce hearing sessions, such as email hacking, personal information theft, and spoofing.

From the Marriage Act of 1954, the Succession Act of 1925, the Dowry Ban Act of 1961 to the Indian Divorce Act of 1869, our family law in Delhi is all about your divorce case anyway. Holds the section strongly.

Online Divorce Legal Counseling:

Getting an online divorce kit will help you end your marriage. Our online legal assistance is just as effective and quick. All of our divorce lawyers are available online to assist our clients and first submit an online divorce kit and divorce.

NRI Divorce and Family Law:

Indian law has a special place for NRI divorce in its proceedings. Therefore, there is a special team of experts to handle cases where there are both or one NRI member. To date, only the best Lawyer/Advocate in Delhi have offered NRI clients an online document collection and we are proud to be number one on the list.

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How Our Support Services Are Accessible?

The DigiNeeraj legal help panel can be accessed via both online and offline means of communication. To contact us, you can fill out the question form or call the number (9910136637) provided. At first, there is a telephone consultation, and if you are satisfied, you can come to the store during business hours.

Divorce should always be the last option. Therefore, our Divorce Lawyer/Advocate In Delhi are focused on understanding the complexity, helping to solve the problem and, if possible, suggesting giving the marriage another chance.

We also assist in the arbitration process. It’s always difficult to make a decision like a divorce, but in some situations it can be unavoidable. Dealing with it is a very emotional problem, so we try to deal with it with compassion, patience, politeness, and determination. If the agreement is not the choice for you, we will find the best medicine for your pain and help you achieve it through court.

Our service has access to Delhi and NCR regions. Won the top 10 Rank on the top advocate list of Delhi NCR. We will accompany you at each stage of your divorce proceeding and work hard to achieve success.

Our divorce lawyers in Delhi know that no matter how many humps they have, they will pave the way for success in all cases.

Frequently Asked Questions “Divorce & Mutual Divorce Consent

Que- Do I need to hire a divorce lawyer for an undisputed divorce?

You do not need to hire a lawyer for undisputed divorce cases, but ideally you do so to avoid complications.

Que-Can I apply for divorce on behalf of my family?

No, if you apply for divorce on behalf of another person, the court will dismiss the case.

Que-How long does it take to get a divorce by DigiNeeraj Legal Services?

It can take at least 6 months to get mutual consent and allow a divorce, and if a divorce is in dispute, the time depends on a number of factors.

Que-If my spouse is NRI, can I apply for divorce in India?

Yes, you can apply for divorce in India at the local family court where you lived, where your spouse last lived in India, or at the place of marriage.

Que-Can a divorce lawyer in Delhi help get custody of a child/children?

Yes, your Lawyer/Advocate can challenge the case and help you gain custody of your child.

Que-How much do Divorce Lawyer/Advocate usually Charge?

The average total cost of a divorce lawyer in Delhi ranges from 5,000 to 20,000, but it is usually cheaper if the divorce issue is not disputed and higher if it is brought to justice. The divorce process in Delhi typically ranges from three months without disputes to six months or more with disputes.

Que-Who is the best Divorce lawyer in Delhi?

According to DigiNeeraj Legal Services, Our top Divorce lawyer in Delhi:

1- Daniel David
2- Dhanjay
3- Deepti Dogra

Que-How can I file a Mutual Divorce Petition in Delhi?

Following is a step by step procedure for filing Mutual Divorce petition in Delhi:

Step 1: Filing Petition
Step 2: Grant Of First Motion
Step 3: Cooling-Off Period
Step 4: Second Motion

Que-What Documents Need For Mutual Divorce in Delhi?

The following documents are required in Mutual Divorce petition in Delhi:

  • Married couple’s address proof
  • Details of the complainant’s profession with current compensation, along with details of income tax over the last few years.
  • All details about the petitioner’s family background and assets.
  • Marriage certificate
  • Documents showing the fact that they lived together
  • Evidence that they failed to settle.

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