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Looking for an Online Legal Service? You are in the Right Place.

DigiNeeraj Legal Help is a way to help people who don’t have easy access to courts. DigiNeeraj Legal Help includes different types of advice, service delivery, drafts or contract creation, and more. Our legal advice is a way to provide expert opinion on facts or situations.

We leverage virtual support to provide solutions and serve our clients based on their requirements. We offer the best advice in exchange for financial compensation.

In our common law system, in criminal and civil law, advice is provided by advocates or lawyers, or other professionals (tax professionals, professional advisers, etc.).

We will seek legal advice from DigiNeeraj Online Legal Services to help make this entire process seamless.

Who We Are | DigiNeeraj Legal Advice

DigiNeeraj.com is an interactive online legal platform that makes it quick and easy to find and hire top lawyers in any city/court in India. This is because it is worth accessing first-class professional legal advice from a first-class lawyer. Our mission is to enhance our legal experience by making legal services high quality, cost-effective, and on-demand for all needs.

Why Us?

  • Recognized by Govt. of India
  • 1k+ Happy Customers Across India
  • Data Security & Trust
  • Trained & Professional Experts
  • On Time Service
  • Super Fast Service
  • 24×7 Platform
  • Affordable Than Other Professionals

Access to High Quality Attorneys on Demand

  • Business lawyers have an average of 10 years of experience
  • Online lawyer profile shows client ratings and recent job reviews
  • Find a business lawyer everywhere to meet all your legal needs
  • Talk to a lawyer and get legal advice online

Easily Manage your Legal Work

  • Free document management and e-signature
  • Quick and secure online payments
  • 24/7 support for any questions



  • Mutual Divorce
  • Marriage Registration
  • Court Marriage
  • Divorce Notice
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Will Drafting

Civil Law / Property-

  • Succession Certificate
  • Property Verification
  • Property Registration
  • Gift Deed Drafting
  • Lease Agreement Drafting
  • Lease Registration


  • MoU
  • Name Change
  • Sale Deed Registration
  • Gift Deed Registration
  • Will Registration
  • Power of Attorney
  • More Services

Legal Notice-

  • Divorce Notice
  • Tenant Eviction Notice
  • Refund of Security Notice
  • Faulty Product Notice
  • Cheque Bounce Notice
  • Recovery Notice of Dues

Other Services-

  • Labour and Service
  • Trademark & Copyright
  • Corporate
  • Startup
  • Supreme Court
  • Immigration
divorce lawyer in delhi

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Consult Top Lawyers, Attorneys & Legal Advisors in India

DigiNeeraj Legal Services can help you consult and hire the best lawyers in India on district court, high court and supreme court issues. Use filters to refine your search to find the best supporters in India on legal issues. Get top Indian lawyers on family disputes or divorce issues, property issues, employment or labor court issues, criminal issues, recovery or check return issues, tax or corporate issues, or other legal professionals To do.

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Que- How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer Online from DigiNeeraj ?

As a general rule, you can expect to pay 1k to 5k lawyers per day, but higher rates are common and lower rates may be possible.

Que-Is Hiring a Lawyer Worth It?


Que-How can I consult to a lawyer for free?

Call (+91 9910136637) to contact a lawyer in your area who is familiar with state law, listens to your concerns, and describes the options available to move forward. DigiNeeraj’s Legal Services phone will be answered 24 hours a day!

Que-When should I hire a lawyer?

If you don’t know the terms and how to create a contract, please consult a lawyer. Hire a lawyer from DigiNeeraj.com if you need a complex business organization (multiple entities), have complex tax issues, need to apply for a patent, or need to be involved in a proceedings.

Que-What kind of questions can you ask?

You can ask questions about anything related to the legal situation, such as documents or forms related to a particular process, legal issue, or questions about the meaning of a particular term or phrase.

Que-How can I keep my identity private while asking a question?

Yes, your identity will be kept secret while asking the question. A lawyer who answers your question may contact you to discuss your question in detail.

Que-Are there any hidden charges involved for registration?

No, there is no additional charge from the client.

Que-Does the person need a physical presence?

The whole process is online. You will need to email the form, complete the survey and complete it.

Que-Where can I ask legal questions for free?

DigiNeeraj Legal Services is a website where you can send questions about civil (non-criminal) legal issues and receive answers from top state lawyers. It’s easy. Legal questions are submitted online.

divorce lawyer in delhi

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