Two Things can Make you Money without 9–5 Jobs

Disclaimer: You don’t have to work at all!

When I met a stranger and introduced myself, “What would you do?”

Answer: When you write, cook, play, travel, write web applications, build software, test products, and such realistic things, then you can Do you want? ”

So everyone is asking always, “What are you doing to make money?”

There are subtle differences between both questions, but these differences clarify your life mission.

Most of us are regularly raised and have a quality education to work. Working here means working elsewhere to offer your skills and time in exchange for money.

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But being able to make money without work is often overlooked. This means you don’t have to spend money and work elsewhere to provide what you need.

I agree with the work, but I do not deny the importance of the work. I support financial freedom as one of its important achievements. At the end of every month, your account will show credits for stability.

But again, you’re making money, so in a nutshell, you need to make money. To do that, you do this or that method.

Focus on this and you’ll find your own way. No external validation needed (I’ve been looking for it before and realized it later). All you need to do is find a way and make money. Great enough if this is through work, through something you do yourself!

👉🏼 How do you make money?

Do you like cooking

Get really good and start vlogs, simple WordPress blogs, or even your youtube channel. When you have enough followers and subscribers, monetize it.

Do you like dancing

Get really good, rent a small space and start a dance class. Or create your own YouTube channel and use Instagram marketing to increase followers and monetize your YouTube channel.

Do you like shopping

Make it really good, start helping friends recommend, and ask if you can agree with the advice. Start your own shopping page or e-commerce store and promote other products. Become an influencer and make money.

Do you like to write

Just like me, start your own blog or post to Medium. Start monetizing your blog with AdSense, native advertising, and affiliate marketing.

In conclusion, there is no single way to work based on your education. You can make money in multiple ways. You can always learn new things, develop your skills, and make money through them.

Do whatever you want and make money!

Maybe not within a year or two, maybe you start making money after 10 years, but this amount certainly makes up for your 10 years.

💡 So what are the two things?

1. Value-added

Money is just a means of exchange. This hasn’t been with you for a long time. This goes from you to someone else again when you shop or buy something. Therefore, this “money” continues to spin based on the type of exchange actually being made.

But why should everybody give you money?

How do you think you can interact to think more about this? Can you convey your dance skills in exchange for money? Can you convey your knowledge by writing in exchange for money? Value added is everything.

The more value you can add to someone, the more money you can earn. And in order to generate more value, your skills must be really good.

Better than others who can have the same skills. Become a subject matter expert and watch the money flow.

2. Consistency

I know something and have some work experience.

But without consistency, your skills and time cannot make money. I started a year ago. Dressprise started out as a great gift platform, running it for two months, earning money, and paying off. But when I got another full-time job, I spent my time leaving here, and so I wasn’t making money through it.

I was thinking about monetizing with AdSense including DigiNeeraj.Com, but in the future, I wanted to monetize with native advertising and affiliate marketing. But, again, it was inconsistent and I couldn’t make money with it.

I need to know what works and what doesn’t, so I’ll quote my experience here. In addition to the success stories of other people who have made money, you need to know who did not. And what were all the challenges, bottlenecks, etc.?

Here I was inconsistent in my efforts. Every few months I behaved differently, and such contradictions became routine.

Since September 2018, I pledge to write daily and produce one piece of content each day. And when I’m writing this, I’m close to 14 articles. Some of these articles do not appear here because they require editing. Nevertheless, I am convinced that this consistency will start a money-making machine.

Next time, not “How do you make money?” And “What do you want to do?”

Or answer the same question: “Recommend merchandise to make money”, “Create web applications to make money”, “Share cooking skills to make money”

Remember, you don’t have to work. Only the two above are needed. Believe me, applying these two might work strangely.

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