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🎯 Online GST registration: How to get it?

A business with a turnover of more than Rs.40 lakh must register as a typical taxable entity, according to GST guidelines. The Online GST registration process is what it is called. Businesses in hill states and the North-Eastern states have a turnover of Rs.10 lakh.

The GST application filling procedure can be completed in as little as six business days. You can call GST registration as gstin registration.

The online GST portal makes gst application simple. All types of business owners can register for New GST Registration by filling out a form on the GST portal and submitting the required documentation. The GST registration process must be completed by businesses.

It is a criminal violation to do business without first registering for GST, and there are severe penalties for non-registration.

GST registration is the procedure for a taxpayer to become registered under the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The gstin registration is provided once the registration process is completed.

The 15-digit gstin registration or GSTIN number is issued by the government and is used to establish whether a company is subject to GST. Apply for gst number today with us.

 Also, we at DigiNeeraj ( best gst consultant) will help you in submitting documents required for gst registration and provide gst registration near me services.

🎯 Who can apply to get a GST Certificate?

People who are elebile to get New GST Registration are:

●       Individuals who were earlier registered under the pre-GST law that is Excise, VAT, Service Tax etc.).In short, those who were earlier paying tax are eligible.

●       Businesses having an annual turnover of higher than Rs. 40 lakhs are eligible. For the North-Eastern States, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand Rs.10 lakh should be the annual turnover.

●       Non-Resident taxable person or Casual taxable person

●       Agents for a supplier and distributors of input services.

●       Those who are subject to the reverse charge mechanism are also eligible to get GST Registration done.

●       A person who sells through an e-commerce aggregator or himself an e-commerce aggregator in India can get gst number online.

Other than a registered taxable person, a person who provides online information and database access or retrieval services to a person in India from a location outside India. After completing the GST Registration process you will get the GST Number.

Important note: The CBIC has stated that the threshold turnover has been raised from Rs.20 lakhs to Rs.40 lakhs. The notification is already effective from April 1, 2019.

🎯 What are Benefits to Applying GST Online ?

You have the legal right to collect taxes from your consumers and pass the tax benefits on to your suppliers. So, benefits of New GST Registration are:

●       The company is now completely taxed compliant.

●       You might increase your profits by claiming the Input Tax Credit you paid on your purchases.

●       When creating a current account or a business account, a GST certificate can be used as one of the papers.

●       If you have GSTN, you can quickly apply for different state and federal government tenders. (Note not New GST Registration )

●       Expand your business using numerous avenues such as the internet, import-export, and so on.

●       GST number online is used to create payment gateways and use mobile wallets.

🎯 GST Tax Rates : Apply GST Online

  1.   Exempt items are those that are considered basic requirements and are therefore not taxed.
  2. Household essentials and life-saving pharmaceuticals, for example, are taxed at 5%.
  3. The 12% tax rate is for computers and processed foods items.
  4. Capital products, industrial intermediaries, and services, as well as hair oil, toothpaste, and soaps, are all taxed at 18 percent.
  5. All the luxurious items and goods are taxed at the rate of 28%.

Check out our GST calculator which comes in helpful to calculate the Goods and Service Tax using different slabs.

🎯 Document Required for GST Registration

You must apply GST online following documents are needed:

●       The applicant’s PAN.

●       Aadhaar card as ID proof

●       Proof of business registration or a certificate of incorporation.

●       Promoters/Directors must confirm identity and address, as well as provide 2 photographs.

●       Proof of the company location’s address.

●       Statement of bank account/Cancelled check.

●       A DSC is a type of electronic signature needed for gstin apply.

●       Authorization Letter or Authorized Signatory by Board Resolution.

🎯 Procedure for GST Application

You must apply GST online because it is easy and simple:

  1. When we get your request, a gst consultant contacts you to learn more about your business and the state in which it operates. Apply for gst number today with us.
  2.  The gst consultant collects the paperwork needed to secure gst registration for individuals.
  3.  Once the gst registration fees are paid, we will begin the registration procedure, and our advisors will be accessible to answer any GST-related questions.
  4. Within 3 to 7 working days, one will receive gst registration for individual and gst certificate. There is no need to be physically present at the office because everything is done online.

*Because DigiNeeraj (best gst consultant) is a cloud-based service, gst application, all documents must be uploaded online and you must apply for gst number today with us.

🎯 GST Return Filing: Why and when needed?

A person with a valid GST number online is needed to file GST returns, which contain information on the taxpayer’s income. Our GST Software can help you file your GST returns.

Since its beginning, GST software has been a huge success.

●       It assists in the smooth conversion of an estimate to an invoice.

●       Payment gateway integration allows the taxpayer to track payments and receivables.

●       It helps in converting the estimate to Invoice effortlessly.

A while doing GST return filing form has to enter the following details:

●       Output GST (On sales)

●       Sales

●       Input tax credit  it is GST paid on the purchases

●       Purchases.

Failure to file GST returns can begin with fines, interests, and late fees too.

🎯 GST Registration Fees & Penalty for not registering 

GST registration is a lengthy procedure that necessitates the submission of several business details as well as scanned documents. You can use DigiNeeraj Goods And Services Tax (GST) Registration services, which will provide you with end-to-end services gst registration for individual and gst registration fees is not higher.

An individual who fails to pay tax or makes insufficient payments (real errors) is liable to a penalty of 10% of the tax owed, with a minimum of Rs.10,000.

When the applicant is showing laziness and purposefully avoids paying taxes, he/she is liable to pay 100% of the tax amount owed as penalty.

🎯 What can we do to assist you? – Why DigiNeeraj ?

The following are some of the most compelling reasons why we are best CA Services Online :

  1. Online gst registration for individual and gstin registration are simple to obtain.
  2. Compliances aren’t a problem because we handle everything.
  3. All of your returns will be properly filed.
  4. The gst registration fees are inexpensive than usual.
  5. We also have gst registration near me services available 24/7.

Our legal representatives can walk you through the entire procedure and answer any questions you may have.

The document required for gst registration features many difficult fields, despite the fact that the GST portal has a user-friendly interface and you will get gst number easily. As a result, it is strongly advised that you get professional assistance to get a GST Number.

Also, for submitting the application to get a GST Certificate, completing the relevant procedures, filing your returns, and completing other portal obligations.

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🎯 Frequently Asked Question

Que- What is GSTIN or gst number online?

All the GST taxpayer is alloted with a unique identification number known as GSTIN number(Good and services tax identification number).. A person with a GST number can log onto the GST portal to validate a GSTIN number. With help of ca services gstin application becomes easy.

Que- Where can one find gst registration near me?

You can get help from car services providers in India for online GST registration like DigiNeeraj. They are a leading online car service provider portal and have best CA Near Me services.

Que- Can I apply for multiple gst registration processes?

If a company does business in more than one state, it must register for GST in each state individually. If a vehicle manufacturer sells in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, for example, it must register for GST in both states individually. Take help of DigiNeeraj services. They are the best provider of tax consultant services near me.

Que- When is online GST Registration Necessary and for which kind of business?

Generally, it is required only when your annual sales exceed 40 lakh rupees, although some businesses, such as B2B, E-commerce, or traders that conduct interstate business, are obliged to register for GST from the beginning of their operations.

Que- Do I need a bank account for GSTIN Apply?

Yes, you need a personal savings bank account or current bank account for GSTIN Apply. If you are a new business with simply a personal savings bank account, you can supply it and then apply for a new current bank account using the GST Certificate after you have registered for GST.

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