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🎯How to Register an NGO Online

NGOs are basically non-profit organizations that strive to improve the underprivileged parts of society. Online NGO registration can have widespread interest in improving society.

This may include environmental reasons, human and animal rights, fitness improvements, child welfare, development work and also raising awareness of socially important sports. So there may be sights of online NGO Registration that may bring your ideas to fruition.

There are various means and sources of funding for nonprofits to raise funds. This could be a voluntary donation, a donation to get income tax relief, or a foreign donation. There are three most common ways to register as an online NGO in India.

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🎯Documents Required for Online NGO Registration in India

Application from the Founder / Trustee stating the purpose of NGO registration in India Association Memorandum / Articles of Incorporation [MOA / AOA] Member’s name, address, complete detailed address proof [from landlord if rented] NOC] Receipt of donation [Received in the past, if any] Affidavit signed by the president of the NGO Declaration officially signed by the president.

Forms Required for Online NGO Registration in india


✅ INC 1 Name Approval
✅ INC 7 Application for Incorporation of Company
✅ INC 8 Declaration
✅ INC 9 An affidavit from each director and subscriber
✅ INC 12 Application for License
✅ INC 13 Memorandum of Association
✅ INC 14 Declaration from a practicing Chartered Accountant
✅ INC 16 Section 8 company license
✅ INC 22 The situation of Registered Office
✅ DIR 2 Consent of Directors
✅ DIR 3 Application to ROC to get DIN
✅ DIR 12 Appointment of Directors

🎯Niti Aayog Registration: Register your NGO in NGO Darpan Portal

With Nitiayog Registration, organizations uniquely registered with the government can obtain details on government grants, schemes, financing, unique IDs, and provide details on other existing NGOs throughout India. Can provide multiple benefits such as You are required to register with the NGO Darpan in order to obtain approval for government grants and funding under government schemes.

🎯Benefits of Niti Aayog Registration

  • Transparency
  • Assistance from the government
  • Helpful in government funding
  • Unique ID from the government
  • Authenticity

🎯Documents & information Required for Niti Aayog Registration

  • A formal certified copy of the Trust Deed / Registration Certificate and MOA and By-Laws
  • Detailed notes on trust / social activities that have been done and are proposed to be done
  • Organization PAN
  • Details of the highest function and the chairman of the organization
  • All member / trustee email IDs and mobile phone numbers
  • Updated organization member / trustee list
  • All member / trustee PAN cards
  • Adhercards for all members / trustees

🎯Process of Niti Aayog Registration

  • Preparation of documents for submitting an application online.
  • Submit all details of the association and its members online.
  • Online submission of application.
  • Follow up with the department.

🎯NGO Darpan Registration – Process And Procedure

NGO-DARPAN is a unique platform that acts as an interface for NGOs and important government sectors. NGO DARPAN is an initiative initiated by NITIA ayog and the National Informatics Center. This allows important information to be exchanged between such volunteer organizations and NGOs, as well as government departments, bodies and ministries.

By completing your NGO DARPAN registration online, NGOs will receive important updates on government grants and other benefits. Let’s take a look at the online NGO DARPAN registration process and why NGO DARPAN registration and certificates are essential.

🎯Documents required for NGO DARPAN registration online

Volunteer or non-governmental organizations registered as trust, society, or non-profit limited liability companies are eligible to apply for NGO DARPAN registration. Let’s take a quick look at the documents required for online registration of NGO DARPAN.

  • Copy of registration certificate as PDF or JPG
  • NGO PAN card
  • PAN and Aadhaar cards of 3 members of the executive committee

🎯NGO DARPAN Registration Procedure

Follow the steps below to register with NGO DARPAN.

  • Please provide your NGO name
  • Provide an email (OTP will be sent for confirmation)
  • Provide the mobile phone number to which the OTP will be sent for confirmation
  • Enter the security code displayed on the website
  • In the next step, OTP will be asked for confirmation
  • Please enter the NGO bread number
  • After confirming the OTP, you can create a password on the next screen.
  • Sign in to the portal using the credentials generated in the steps above.

🎯Benefits of NGO DARPAN Registration

  • Help NGOs and other volunteer organizations interact and engage with the government sector.
  • Obtain a unique ID that will help improve the credibility and credibility of NGOs.
  • Ministries websites coordinate with NGO DARPAN to share important information.
  • Enables seamless flow of data from government to various NGOs across the country.
  • Updated information on new schemes, projects, and progress of previous initiatives.
  • Departments will use this platform to gain a better understanding of NGOs before considering their appeal.
  • Helps create a database or repository of information about VO / NGO.

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🎯Frequently Asked Questions

Que- How do I get an online NGO registration in India?

Obtaining an online NGO registration in India is much easier than in any other country. You can register your nonprofit with the help of three different statutory laws.

Find the Best CA Services Online and get the best guidance on all compliance you need to deal with before registering as an online NGO.

Que-How to start an NGO?

Easy steps to start an NGO in India:

Step 1: Determine the cause and mission of the NGO

Step 2: Set up a board / member

Step 3: Decide on a name for the NGO

Step 4: Articles of Incorporation / Articles of Incorporation

Step 5: Register an NGO

Step 6: Start collecting funds

Step 7: Build a wide network

Que-What is Niti Aayog online NGO registration portal “NGO DARPAN”?

NitiAayog Online NGO registration portal viz. NGO DARPAN is a highly regarded step by the Government of India. NGO DARPAN acts as an interface between NGOs and various central ministries, increasing the transparency of government functions as well as voluntary donations and funding to Indian NGOs.

Que-How can I check the registration status of NGOs online?

Use the NGO DARPAN Portal to check the registration status of NGOs online. Follow the instructions:

  • Go to the NGO DARPAN homepage
  • Please enter the registration status of the non-profit organization.
  • Types of non-governmental organizations
  • Proposed name of non-governmental organization
  • Unique ID issued at the time of registration

Que-What is the process of online NGO registration?

The NGO registration process involves a lot of compliance that must be met and three different laws that propose NGO registration, so you need to be a little careful.

  1. Online NGO registration as “society”
  2. Online NGO registration as “trust”
  3. Online NGO registration as “Section (8) Company”

Que-What documents do I need to register as an NGO in India?

The documents required for online NGO registration in India are as follows.

  • Founding member’s name, address, occupation.
  • An application officially signed by all founding members.
  • An application that clarifies the purpose of non-profit organization registration.
  • MOA / AOA including rules and regulations of non-governmental organizations
  • Self-declaration by the chairman of a non-governmental organization
  • Minutes of all meetings held so far.
  • Trust deed and affidavit.

Que-Why do I need to register as an online NGO?

With online NGO registration, you can easily get all the details related to nonprofit registration at your location without having to worry about the compliance process. Contact an expert to find the Best Online CA services and get your nonprofit registration as soon as possible.

Que-What are the benefits associated with NGO registration in India?

In addition to social welfare, there are many more benefits related to NGO registration in India. Some of them are described below.

✅ Bookkeeping features include:
✅Stamp duty is paid little or no.
✅There is no minimum capital requirement.
✅80G deduction based on the Income Tax Act.
✅Facilitates legal and compliance registration.
✅Benefits of various government schemes.
✅Ease of land registration for social welfare.
✅Subsidies for inputs, raw materials, and supplies.
✅Companies can include donations in their CSR activities.

Que-How Much Does It Cost to Register an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) in India?

The cost of NGO registration varies directly from state to state, and the registered statutory law also varies. Since NGO registration is a state subject, its pricing structure varies.

The best way is to find the best CA services online and get all the insights on online NGO registration. In addition to government costs, you will be charged a small amount of professional costs.

Que-Would you like to have your own accounting department instead of outsourcing?

There are various reasons to justify outsourcing online bookkeeping services as a better option than having your own account department:

✅ Professional service
✅Cost reduction
✅Effective use of resources
✅High quality and expertise
✅Easy and convenient
✅Reduce the risk of fraud
✅Assign roles and responsibilities.

Que-Can civil servants and officers be members of NGOs?

The answer to this question is yes. Civil servants or officers can be part of an NGO, unless the NGO is an anti-government. There are also some rules that these people must follow, one of which is to make sure that NGOs are not making a profit.

Que-Why do I need to register an NGO?

There are many reasons why it is better to register an NGO. One of the most important of the funds. As an NGO, we receive funds from various places. Money from donors must be deposited in a bank.

Some documents are required to open a bank account under a company or NGO. NGO registration provides a document stating that funds are being received in the name of the NGO.

Que-How do I register an NGO with Niti Aayog?

NITI Aayog registration procedure:

✅ Visit – https://ngodarpan.gov.in/
✅Click the login / registration link and click the sign-up option.
✅Enter the name of the NGO / VO, the mobile phone number of the person in charge, and the email ID of the person in charge. …
✅You will receive an OTP with the specified mobile phone number and email ID.

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