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We will help you with project report and projected balance sheet for you loan process. Before sharing detail of price , pls share below information:

✅What type of loan is this?
✅Amount of Loan?
✅Nature of project?
✅Are you a new business? If yes are you an individual or company?
✅If you are existing business, pls share name of your business

We will arrange a call with CA once you share all these details.


✅Corporate DPR
✅Detailed Project Report
✅Pitch Deck
✅MSME Project Report
✅Agri Project Report
✅CMEGP Project Report
✅PMEGP Project Report
✅MUDRA Project Report
✅Financial Project Report

🎯What is a Project Report?

Written documents related to forecasting future income and expenses and their economic feasibility, including information or details demonstrating the value or potential of a project / business idea or business entity, are known as project reports. ..

It helps entrepreneurs get accurate ideas about the first inputs they need for their business.

It also provides records to help you use specific loans and funds from government schemes such as various banks, NBFCs, private equity funds, venture capital funds, PMEGP loans, MSME loans, Mundra loans, and stand-up India loans. .. I need a project report. Even if the business is new and just starting.

If you qualify, you can apply for a loan. One of the reports that needs professional help is a project report for all kinds of loans.

The project report necessarily contains details about the financial, economic, administrative, production, and technical aspects of the business.

It also includes detailed information and analysis of resource requirements such as production, machinery, manufacturing processes, manufacturing capacity, raw material requirements, personnel, electricity and water, and other business-related costs.

🎯What is a CMA Report?

Credit monitoring contracts, commonly known as CMA data, are financial reports used by lenders to evaluate and analyze a company’s financial position prior to lending. Under current rules, the Reserve Bank of India requires all banks to prepare a CMA for lending to large borrowers.

Therefore, CMA data is required for project loans, term loans, and working capital limits.

🎯What is a PMEGP Report?

The Prime Minister’s Job Creation Program (the full form of PMEGP) is a credit link subsidy program launched in 2008. Under the PMEGP scheme, the Government of India will subsidize several projects based on various standards.

This scheme is only for new businesses where individuals, sole proprietors, co-operatives and trusts can apply for this loan. This is to encourage people to create jobs through their businesses.

🎯Is Project report Mandatory in Applying for Loan?

Yep. Businesses are required to present a bank loan project report that includes business plans, forecast finance, feasibility studies, technical analysis, etc. in order to utilize loans or funds from banks and other financial institutions.

I will. business. Even if you’re a startup, the project report is the first important document you need to prepare whenever you’re looking for some funding from a VC, private equity fund.

The project report should be presented in an accepted format, such as the CMA(Credit Monitoring Arrangement data) data format for bank loans. However, the format of the bank loan project report also depends on the type of loan.

Small loan schemes such as Mudra Loans require a project report, which is the basic form of a project report that requires only a three-year financial forecast.

🎯Who can make it?

The task and process of creating an appropriate project report is very important as the details of the report are thoroughly checked by the financial institution of the bank that grants the loan. Therefore, bank loan project reports are usually produced by expert CAs, financial experts.

🎯Why do I Need a Professionally Created Project Report?

A project report is a basic document for analyzing the future performance of a company and a very important document for forming an opinion about the future of a company or entity.

✅To take out working capital loans, term loans and other loans from banks and financial institutions.
✅To give a presentation to get investors’ stock participation.
✅For structuring / restructuring company bank loans / finance and business strategies.
✅Purchase, acquire, or start a new business.
✅To properly dispose of existing businesses.
✅To evaluate the value of a project or business.
✅Does the bank check the information you provide?

of course! Banks review the financial details and other information displayed in the project report before issuing a loan to a company. Therefore, it is advisable to produce a neat project report for your bank loan that contains all the necessary details about your business’s financial project.

The data provided in the financial forecasts is based on basic judgment and cannot be verified, but bankers need to confirm the feasibility of the assumptions made.

🎯What if my Project Report is Disapproved?

If it is not available for the first time, you can reapply. If the submitted bank loan project report is disapproved by the bank, the operating company applying for the loan will either create another project report and reapply, or apply the project report to another bank or financial institution. can do. It’s important to note that this may not be the only reason for loan disapproval.

You can consult from options like ca near me on the internet and talk to any expert to understand the important factors to consider.

Bank Loan Project Report Format:

✅Introduction page
✅Project Outline
✅Details such as promoters, work experience, educational qualifications, etc.
✅The current status of the Bank, target markets, its products / services, activities
✅Details of top management and employees, their educational background, work experience, etc.
✅Infrastructure facilities and services, operational facilities, deployed tools, machinery, and. Equipment, etc.
✅Customer details and prospects
✅Regional management
✅Alliances and financial acquisitions
✅Financing means
✅Balance sheet
✅Profit and loss statement
✅Fund flow statement
✅Main ratio
✅Evaluation of break-even point

As mentioned above, it is in the form of a bank loan project report. In addition, all project reports (for bank loans) must be prepared in the above format.


Que- What is the cost of project report from CA/ through ca services online?

It depends on type of loan and how or technical your project is . It may start from 3000 and may go upto lakhs.

Que-What are the project report components?

Some of the components of the project report are:

💰Entrepreneur profile
💰Products / Services and their uses
💰Supply and demand
💰Raw material availability
💰Equipment and machinery
💰Manufacturing process
💰Manpower requirements
💰Financial arrangement
💰Marketing arrangements
💰Implementation schedule

Que-What are the prerequisites for creating a bank loan project report?

Some of the common assumptions made during project report creation are:

✅Raw material prices do not change
✅The selling price does not change
✅Working days / year
✅Number of shifts per day
✅No change in government policy
✅There is no abnormality in the life of the project
✅Total production will be available for sale on the market
✅Manpower and utilities will be easy to use.

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