Shop and Establishment Registration

Register your Shop or Office with Local Municipality through Shop & Establishment Registration

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Why the Shop Act?

  • This is proof of a legal entity that gives you the right to do business.
  • This ensures that your business complies with applicable labor laws.
  • If carried out by a state or local government, it will help facilitate inspections.

Important Points

  • Shop Establishment Registration in 3-4 Days
  • Essential for Shops & offices.
  • Work Handled by Experts.

๐Ÿ“ข Features of Shop & Establishment Registration

Almost all stores and businesses are required to obtain a store license under their respective state store and commercial facility laws.

Some of the features are:

-Easily open your current bank account
-Shop and facility registration is online process
-Minimal compliance

๐Ÿ“ข Register your shop and office space to avoid legal compliances

If someone wants to open a store or office somewhere in India. First, you need to apply for store registration with the state government.

Store registration must be done with the respective state government based on the store and establishment law. Without it, workers can visit the office space at any time to stop and ask them to submit a penalty.

What is Shop & Establishment Registration?

Shop and Establishment registration is a state-based registration for all entities that register under the municipality.

All entities established for commercial purposes, such as trading companies, service companies, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and public entertainment venues, are required to obtain this registration. Registration is usually due 30 days from the date of establishment.

The main purpose of such registration is to work in accordance with state law and ensure employee benefits.

This license serves as proof of the commercial activity of many other registrations and also helps to open a bank account.

๐Ÿ“ข Documents Required for Gumasta License or Shop Establishment Registration

Persona Documents:

  • Passport size photographs of applicant โ€“ 3 photos
  • PAN Card of Applicant
  • Property Tax bill or Electricity Bill copy of Personal Address
  • If Personal Property is rented then rent agreement and NOC from Owner with affidavit
  • If Personal Property is owned by owner then Index II copy from Purchase sale deed
  • Consent letter if property owned by any of the family member other than applicant
  • Identity Proof (Any one of – Passport/Election Card/ Aadhar Card/ License)

Business Documents:

  • PAN Card of Business Entity in case of Partnership Firm/LLP/Pvt Co
  • Municipality Tax bill & Electricity Bill copy of Business Address
  • Municipality Tax paid receipt (latest)
  • If Business Place is rented then rent agreement and NOC from Owner with affidavit
  • If Business Place is owned by owner than Index II copy from Purchase sale deed
  • Authority Letter for registration on Letter Head of Firm
  • MOA/AOA and Certificate of Incorporation in case of company
  • Partnership/ LLP Deed in case of Partnership / LLP
  • Board Resolution in case of company
  • Professional Tax Certificate
  • Professional Tax paid receipt copy (Paid receipt of current year)

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๐Ÿ“ข FAQ | Shop Establishment Registration

Que- How much time does it take to get a Shop License?

With DigiNeeraj, it will take 4 to 5 working days to file the documents with respective authorities and get the registration done.

Que-Are there any documents that need to be maintained under the law?

Approval from the Ministry of Labor and various registries. Details such as employment, fines, deductions and down payments, salaries, holidays are included.

Que-Does a business that runs without a worker need to be registered?

Yes, whether the business is employee-led or not, the entity must obtain a store law license in accordance with state law. In most states, registration is required within 30 days, regardless of the number of employees.

Therefore, owners need to refer to state law once to determine the registration requirements for shops & facilities.

Que- What is the validity of the Shop license?

The validity of a shop license depends on the shop in each state and the law of establishment.

Que- I run a factory, do I need to get a shop license?

Factories are not subject to the Store and Commercial Facilities Act and are regulated by the Factory Act.

Que-Whether all stores and businesses need to be registered under the Store and Commercial Facilities Act.

Almost all stores and businesses are required to obtain a store license under the Store and Commercial Facilities Act of their respective states.

Que- What does a commercial complex mean?

In connection with this registration, a commercial facility is a commercial or trade or bank or insurance facility, a facility or management service where the employed person is primarily engaged in clerical work, hotels, restaurants, home boarding or dining, a cafe or Other refreshment houses etc.

Que-When do you apply for shop and facility registration?

When the entity is established within the prescribed period, it shall forcibly apply to the relevant authorities (labor authorities) for involvement in the store and facility registration process, depending on the area of the store or facility.

In most states, application registration requirements occur within 30 days.

Que- What are the Government fees for shop act license and registration?

For Shop & Establishment registration, the Government fee depends on the number of employees and workers.

Que- Whether the premise will be verified by the concerned officer?

Physical verification of the facility is usually not required. However, officers are permitted and may come to confirm your assumptions before submitting your proof of registration.

Que- Whether shop and establishment registration applications can be made online?

You can apply for online registration in most states. However, this is not the case with major competent authorities. is useful for both online and physical registration applications.

Que- What if the shop has to be closed after registration?

If the store or establishment wishes to close the business, the occupant must notify the Chief Inspector in writing within 15 days of the closure.

The Chief Inspector may remove the store or commercial facility from the register and revoke the registration certificate after considering the closure request.

Que- Is Shop Act applicability the same all over India?

Shop law is a state-enforced law, so its scope varies from state to state.

Que- What should be a priority for a food business, FSSAI or a Shop Act?

For the food business, you must first apply for FSSAI registration or license, then apply for the Shop Law.

Que- Can DigiNeeraj assist in shop establishment registration for businesses set up outside Maharashtra?

We are providing Shop Registration all over India.

Que- Is Shop Act a valid business address proof?

The Shop Act is a legal document, and entrepreneurs notify the Labor Department of the existence of their business.

This is not proof of the location of the business. Therefore, the Shop Law cannot be used as proof of company address.

Union Territories | Shop Establishment Registration

  • Shop Registration Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • Shop Registration Chandigarh
  • Shop Registration Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman
  • Shop Registration Delhi
  • Shop Registration Jammu and Kashmir
  • Shop Registration Lakshadweep
  • Shop Registration Puducherry
  • Shop Registration Ladakh

States | Shop Establishment Registration

  • Shop License Andhra Pradesh
  • Shop License Arunachal Pradesh
  • Shop License Assam
  • Shop License Bihar
  • Shop License Chhattisgarh
  • Shop Registration Goa
  • Shop Registration Gujarat
  • Shop Registration Haryana
  • Shop Registration Himachal Pradesh
  • Shop Registration Jharkhand
  • Shop Registration Karnataka
  • Shop Establishment Registration Kerala
  • Shop Establishment Registration Madhya Pradesh
  • Shop Establishment Registration Maharashtra
  • Shop Establishment Registration Manipur
  • Shop Establishment Registration Meghalaya
  • Shop Establishment Registration Mizoram
  • Shop Establishment Registration Nagaland
  • Shop Establishment Registration Odisha
  • Shop Establishment Registration Punjab
  • Shop Establishment Registration Rajasthan
  • Gumasta License Sikkim
  • Gumasta License Tamil Nadu
  • Gumasta License Telangana
  • Gumasta License Tripura
  • Gumasta License Uttar Pradesh
  • Gumasta License Uttarakhand
  • Gumasta License West Bengal

Tier 1 cities | Shop Establishment Registration

  • Shop Registration Bengaluru
  • Shop Registration Chennai โ€Ž
  • Shop Registration Delhi
  • Shop Registration Hyderabad
  • Shop Registration Kolkata
  • Shop Registration Mumbai
  • Shop Registration Ahmedabad
  • Shop Registration Pune


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