You Will Regret If You Do Not Have Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

An entrepreneur named Siddhant started a business in Delhi and started doing really well, He also thought of a logo as a brand identity of his business and used the same for all business purposes. One day he saw in a magazine that some company in Mumbai which is having the exact same logo.


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Siddhant got surprised and upset with the fact. He then immediately asked his friend Pankj who was a Chartered Accountant, Pankaj then told him that if your business has a trademark or if you want to create one, you should have a trademark registration for the same.

How do I Trademark a Name and Logo?

If you do not have it then you cannot claim it legally if someone else is using it. Siddhant felt absolutely shattered and finally consoled himself that he should have taken Pankaj’s advice on various business aspects including the trademark registration. So here Siddhant had to think of a new brand identity and went for new registration for the trademark.

Therefore it is of utmost importance for every business person to get registration for a trademark. Now the question is how you do this, well, it’s quite easy. You have just found the best place to apply for trademark registration in India. We have helped several clients who are from different industries for registration for the trademark. Registration for a trademark is done by our team of experts at DigiNeeraj, you do not have to visit us, and everything will be done online.

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